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Scraps Dog Bakery

Scraps Dog Bakery started as a concrete shell in a new retail/condominum building. The owner, Dave Figueroa, did not want to use the standard fluorescent flood lights that provide lots of light, but little ambiance. The city codes for watts-per-square-foot are very tight these days, and to be able to light the display shelves and pass a city electrical inspection required some creativity.

We used some large, recycled glass dome fixtures from the old downtown post office, and had them locally built into central pendants, that used a high watt fluorescent lamp. We manipulated the tracks, and used both line and low-voltage track heads on stems to give us the light we needed, while still meeting the code requirements.

Review from NW Source:
"Figueroa worked to create a pleasing, urban shopping experience in his shop. A giant black and white photo of Koji and Miya, his two Shiba Inus, graces one wall. The modern display lighting is tasteful rather than the harsh fluorescent lights in most stores. It softly illuminates displays of rawhides and chews, doggie couture, collars and toys."

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