Profile : Gwen Demombynes

Moonbeam Lighting was launched in 2004 to fill the gap between the large architecture and design firms with lighting designers on staff and the smaller, independant architects, builders and electricians who need help in the important arena of lighting.

Gwen's lighting career began in 1994 when she went to work for a local custom lighting manufacturer and fixture showroom, intending to learn how to build fixtures. From there, she went on to study lighting design, immerse herself in lighting products, their use and manufacture. She eventually become a consultant, developing lighting plans for residences and commercial projects.

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"Working with Moonbeam lighting is a rewarding experience on many levels. 

I view quality as the single most important aspect of my business.  Working with Gwen for the past three years has allowed my company to forge a relationship with a business whose quality is equal to that of my own. 

Our great relationship has allowed maximum trust between our two businesses and led to a mutually profitable relationship.  I don’t hesitate to refer Gwen any time I see an appropriate opportunity. 

Often, it is as simple as her creating a lighting plan and us implementing it.  This allows us be productive and timely while not hoarding the customer with an overabundance of options. 

Lighting design is something I did with confidence in the past.  However, I have been so impressed with her designs, when it came time to remodel my basement, I asked Gwen to create one.  And she did not disappoint."
-Justin Geary, Owner of Queen Anne Electric

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