“Thank you Gwen.  You are amazing!  I have learned so much from working with you, an added value.”
- Suzanne Rox, homeowner

"Hi Gwen, if you're planning a trip to the island soon I'd like you to come by and see the finished product. I think your selections were right on the money. We couldn't be happier with the look of the finished product."
-Rob Smallwood, Smallwood Construction and Design

"Gwen, thanks for the hot tip on the upcoming price increase and thanks for turning us on to these. Only another person who reads in bed can grasp how important it is to get this right!"
-Lorraine Edmond

“Just want to say thanks for your exemplary work on our lighting plan. In our unique log home you managed to address our needs, honor our wishes and provide guidance and resources for the process.  You have transformed it from a chore to an opportunity.  We can’t fully express in words our pleasure in working with you.  You gave us a lighted home that makes us feel comfortable and joyful.  It is everything we hoped for." - Karen Wallin and Jan Blumberg, homeowners

"Excellent work, as always”  We love our deck and house lighting."
- David Skover  and Sean O’Reilly, homeowners

I'll leave it to your capable hands, Gwen....."
-Architect Haig Townsend

“Thank you Gwen for all your attention and help! We really appreciate you as a breath of fresh air in this project.  You are a wonderful woman who is calm and willing to take input graciously and understanding of our wishes.  This has not been our experience with many who forget that we will be the ones living in this home."
- Kathy Estey, homeowner

"The light fixtures you selected are fabulous!! They will make such a difference! The loggia will have such wonderful feeling that is lacking right is such an important element."
- Francine Day, Landscape Architect with Tom Zachary Landscape Architects